New Life!

Easter was a celebration of new life in Kindergarten. We learned that Jesus our Lord died for us and rose again. We can have new life in Christ. Students learned how seeds in the ground start to grow and sprout. Students explored different types of animals born on a farm. Spring is a beautiful season. From going to the Coulee Center and appreciating nature to painting beautiful sunrises students experienced the world around them.


Welcome Spring!

March has brought new opportunities for learning. We started our One District, One School, One Book adventure. Students are reading the novel “Wishtree” with their families. Kindergarten students have painted wooden leaves, placed their wishes on the tree at school, and brainstormed what hope is. We learned that Jesus is our hope and He gives us hopes and dreams. We have celebrated Spring. It was great to have our parents see our Inquiry project at Celebration of Learning. Students loved sharing their portfolios. We learned about the life cycle of a chick. Students made Thundercake after reading the book by Patricia Polacco. It was also fun building a Chickaboom Tree with letters. Students also have discovered cool facts on birds and enjoyed the book, “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.”


Friendshape in February!

It has been a fun month! Students have done friendship activities and explored 2D and 3D shapes. We have described, sorted, measured, and made towers with shapes. Students learned that God shaped them with different gifts and abilities and they are  each unique. Thank you to our parents who came and celebrated Valentine’s Day with us. We also loved counting numbers on One Hundred Day! I hope to see all of our parents at Celebration of Learning next month.

Inquiry in January!

It has been a great month for Inquiry.  Inquiry is a process where the students have been investigating, seeking information by asking questions, exploring, and researching. We found out what the difference is between living things and non- living things. We tried some science experiments with goggles to see what happens when two different substances react. Students loved exploring letters by creating letters using Lego, coffee beans, play dough and learning what sounds letters make. We read the book “Rosie’s Glasses” to understand that sometimes we need to see things differently and explore the world using new lenses.

Merry Christmas!

It has been a great Advent! Students have learned the Christmas story of the birth of Christ and we have celebrated this beautiful season. It was exciting to be part of the school for the Christmas concert. Thank you to all parents who came to the Christmas House with us. I also enjoyed seeing parents and students make gingerbread cookies, cinnamon stick ornaments and play board games. It has been a joyous time together. Thank you to all of my families for making this season of Advent so special as we celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ.

November is here!

It has been a fun month.  The students had a wonderful time making pumpkin muffins on October 31st. I want to sincerely thank all of the moms and grandmas who came to help us. The muffins were delicious. The students have been inventing, painting and creating. We have been learning about our community and went to the Fire Station. It was a great experience. The firemen let children sit in the fire truck, spray with a hose and sit in an ambulance. It was a great experience for the students. Thank you to Fire Station Number One.

Welcome September 2018!


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to L.C.S. Kindergarten 2018! We have two classes of students this year and I am very excited. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning, playing and growing with my new students and families. Just a reminder that there is staggered entry the first week of school. I will be sending home monthly newsletters to let you know what is happening and posting highlights of the month on this webpage. Just a heads up that we will be having a “Meet the Teacher night” on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00pm. Looking forward to answering questions you may have. We are looking at going to the Corn Maze in September and we will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.