It has been a beautiful month of learning, adventure and exploring the world around us. We learned about new life on a farm, held baby chicks and experienced nature. We saw a porcupine at the Helen Schuler Center and learned about birds. Our favorite book to read this month was ” Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.” We have some of our students artwork at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Students loved building with blocks and learning about insects. Looking forward to finishing our year well with more adventures for the students. Parents are welcome to come on our field trips happening in June.


Welcome Spring!

White Flower Close Up Shot

It has been a fun month preparing for Spring in Kindergarten! It was great to see so many parents come to our Celebration of Learning. Students shared their portfolios of their art and work they have accomplished. In Kindergarten we explored making various types of bird feeders. We learned about signs of Spring and many were Veterinarians in our Animal Center. Students learned new skills in swimming classes.  We played in the Water Center experimenting with objects that float and sink. It was also special to celebrate our Lord Jesus and learn about Easter.  Students learned about the different symbols that families from Ukraine use to decorate Easter eggs that have Christian meanings. Looking forward to going to the Helen Schuler Center this month and learning about birds and animals in Spring.

Winter Celebration

It has been an amazing winter celebration. Students read the story “The Mitten” and acted out the animal parts. We made caves, dens and learned about Hibernation. Students have been learning that God shaped us uniquely and with special gifts. We have been exploring how shapes are so different and when put together can make a beautiful design. One Hundred Day was lots of fun! We explored numbers, counted to 100 and used our 100 glasses to read our stories. I loved all of the different items that students brought to school to count to 100. FOP was a wonderful time for some of our students who got to do different activities at the Public Library and Galt Museum. I want to thank my parents and grandparents for all of your support. It is a wonderful season to celebrate what students are learning and exploring. Looking forward to meeting with you in March for our “Celebration of Learning.”

Happy New Year!

December was a fun and wonderful month to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ coming to earth. We learned about Jesus’ birth and the beautiful gifts of hope, peace, joy and love that we receive from Him. During Advent students showed these gifts of hope, joy, peace and love to each other and we will continue to do this. Thank you to all my parents who came to help us celebrate the season of Advent. The students, educational assistants and I are working and learning together. I am looking forward to 2018!



Merry Christmas!


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It has been a wonderful month. I enjoyed meeting with you at our Parent/Teacher Interviews. There is a lot to celebrate in what the students are learning.  The students have enjoyed skating. I want to thank all of my parents who helped students skate on the ice.  We have been exploring rocks, trains, and baking in our kitchen. Students have enjoyed reading books, doing puzzles and learning all about numbers. I am looking forward to working with our new educational assistants in our class. The students are practicing their Christmas songs for the Advent Chapels. Have a wonderful Advent. Immanuel! God is with us!


Celebrating Fall!

October was an amazing month! We made pumpkin muffins, measured pumpkins, estimated the number of seeds in a pumpkin and learned about the lifecycle of a pumpkin. Thank you to all my moms and educational assistants for making our Fall celebration so much fun. Our Heavenly Father has given us so many beautiful colours in Fall. We are thankful. We even went to see nature at the Helen Schuler Center and learned about different plants and animals.